Fast & Affordable, Professional Digital Design Services

Logos, brochures, banners, 3D renderings, animation, edited photos, videos, websites, and even e-learning courses are all things that John Gera Design can create for you. With over twenty-five years of experience working with businesses of all sizes, you get fast and consistent results. Working independently we remove the middleman, allowing us to work closely together to create what you need while keeping the costs affordable.


Convert an idea, sketch, or technical drawing into a visual reality. Show your products or services as stylized art or with photorealistic images and animation.

Advertise your company, products, and services with graphics for digital and printed collateral. Convert drawings into vector graphics or create works of art.

Use animation to breathe life into static data, photos, and graphics to better explain a concept or to tell a story.

Create a logo and build your brand. Market your company, products, and services with memorable shapes, colors, fonts and even mascot characters.

Create content from scratch, or edit together any type of media into a video for marketing, training, or entertainment.

Add in or paint out anything into your video or images. Enhance your content with photorealistic 3D or stylized elements or effects.

Make your business stand out among the crowd with posters, banners, and full backdrops. Amplify your booth with additional collateral or video production.

Create training for your employees or to enhance your business workflow. Build education resources and services for your customers.

Showcase your company, products, and services online. Utilize search engine optimization for a higher return rate.

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